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Valve Systems


Valve Systems

Valve systems from nass magnet are primarily used for the control of compressed air or inert technical gases. The use with liquid or chemically aggressive media requires prior consultation with the customer service of nass magnet.

A valve system consists of a valve body with a factory-mounted armature system and a loss-proof or insertable O-ring or molded seal. Pneumatic interfaces established in the market lead back to different types of valve bodies and standards for pneumatic interfaces. One of the first standards used worldwide in industrial pneumatics was the CNOMO (Comité de Normalisation des Moyens de Production), derived from the French automotive industry.

  • SF (side flange)
  • KR (concentric O-rings)
  • GKR (concentric O-rings with captured exhaust air)
  • FL (lower flange connection with O-rings)
  • CNOMO (interchangeable series with established pneumatic connection hole pattern)

Valve systems from nass magnet are available both with and without manual override. The manual overrides are available in bistable, monostable, push or turn versions. The valve bodies are offered in the following materials depending on the size of the valve system:

  • Plastic (PA 6 / PA66, glass fiber or glass ball reinforced)
  • Anodized or passivated aluminum
  • Zinc die casting

The following switching functions are established: 2/2 NC and 3/2 NC (normally closed), 2/2 NO and 3/2 NO (normally open). A combined switching function can be realized as a special version.

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