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Solenoid Coils

Solenoid Coils

The solenoid coil is the electrical part of a solenoid valve. It is placed on the armature system or on the valve system and locked with the mounting accessories. When energized, the solenoid coil acts as an actuator and opens/closes the so-called valve seat through a magnetic circuit (yoke - magnetic core - air gap - plunger).

The solenoid coils offered in different sheathing materials vary in width from 16 mm up to 52 mm, with common voltages 24V / 48V / 110V / 230V available for DC and AC voltage (frequency 50/60 Hz). The rated power is staggered in up to six gradations in order to be able to combine a design appropriate to the pneumatic switching capacity in an energy-efficient manner.

The portfolio includes a wide range of electrical connections, including the usual types A, B, C, industrial, micro as well as M12, bayonet, stranded wire and cable. The System 8 and 13 series are offered in all widths with UL certification and additional marking.

Solenoid coils can be customized in consultation with the customer with individual printing, such as own logo or part numbers. 

For hazardous applications, officially certified solenoid coils are available:

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